Social Media Use:

2023 rates for single Licensed Image active use on social media only. (For rates for all other uses, please email me, Zac Frackelton).

1 week: £240.00

1 month: £380.00

3 months: £540.00

6 months: £640.00

1 year: £1090.00

3 years £1590.00

The following specific terms apply to the Usage Licence of Material created by Zac Frackelton, to use for social media, in addition to the standard terms of business further below:

  • The Usage Licence is granted solely to the licensee. Other users may share the complete post but are not licensed or authorised to make their own posts with the same image.
  • The above rates are for image sizes up to 1000 pixels on the largest side. For image sizes greater than this, the above rates are doubled.
  • The Licensed Image must only be posted as part of a larger article or page. If the Licensed Image is simply posted on its own, then the rates listed above are doubled.
  • The Licensed Image must contain a copyright notice or attribution as follows © Zac Frackelton 2023. All moral rights reserved. For social media use, this copyright notice must be visible as part of the image. For use without copyright notice or attribution, the rates listed above are doubled. For the avoidance of doubt, this clause is my assertion of my moral right to be identified as the author of my work as set out in sections 77/78 of the Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988 as amended.
  • Usage Licence term extension will attract a 50% discount so long as it is renewed within the original licence period.
  • The additional fees for extended terms set out in 2-3 above are cumulative.
  • The rates listed apply regardless of whether you wish to post an image on social media yourself, or if you want a "sharing" button on your website.
  • If you want to use an image on both social media and on your own website then you need to buy both a social media licence (rates as above) plus a standard licence to use.
  • The Usage Licence granted is for a single image but may include as many posts as you want for the applicable licence period.