I'm a commercial and editorial portrait photographer, shooting for international brands and clients, magazines and newspapers, as well as private commissions. My personal work sees me photographing people and their craft, the space we live and work in, the decay of manmade structures and seascapes.

I was born in Cambridge and grew up in Hampshire and Dorset. Orphaned by 16, my life has been about the people I've known and the time I've spent with them. One constant throughout my childhood and adolescence was a camera, photographs became priceless for keeping memories alive.

Evening classes in photography while in sixth form saw me accepted to the prestigious Bournemouth and Poole College of Art & Design (now Arts University Bournemouth), from there I was accepted onto the BA (Hons) course at London College of Printing (now London College of Communication).

I walked away from college into an incredibly successful time assisting some of the most respected fashion, celebrity portrait, landscape, music and still life photographers of the early 21st Century - most notably Alun Callender, Andrew Hayes-Watkins, Ben Redgrave, David Sims, Bryan Adams, Kevin Westenberg, Michael Kenna, Michael Roberts, Tim Bret-Day and my greatest influence, Zanna. Such productions took me from London to The Isle of Skye, to Florence, Ibiza, Lisbon, Milan, Paris, St Moritz, Vienna, Dubai and India.

My early days as a photographer saw a natural progression into fashion and beauty photography, shooting extensively for The Times and The Daily Telegraph, as well as several designers and high street brands. As I struggled with the industry I found myself in, my camera followed the people, and my focus naturally shifted to portraiture.

As a portrait photographer, I have been fortunate enough to work with many international brands, PRs, marketing teams and global publications - photographing artists, British icons, comedians, fashion designers, Hollywood actors, interior designers, musicians and many, many more.

In 2023 my vision is to continue to be known as a consistently performing portrait photographer while adding elements of craft, design and lifestyle to my work.